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Dr. Natick Plaza, a self-professed expert on the blues, appears on Nick Loss-Eaton’s blues radio show Blueberry Muffins, and commences to ‘take it over’ and ‘sabotage’ it.


Including stream-of-consciousness riffs about supposed blues history, the roles of the sexes, Nick’s recent break-up with “his woman Jackie,” bodily functions, and 101 other uncouth and bizarre things. And featuring the music of BB King, the John Spencer Blues Explosion, the Rolling Stones, and other blues-inspired luminaries, with Dr. Plaza incorrigibly talking over much of it to Nick’s increasing frustration.


The show was not rehearsed and is completely ad-libbed; the emotions on Nick’s part are mostly real. After a little while, the show was flooded with calls (mostly positive), and it ended up being one of the most listened-to in the station’s history. 



Dr. Natick Plaza – Side A


Dr. Natick Plaza – Side B

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