“Running streams, gushing springs, the falling rain, roaring torrents, the ceaseless motion of oceans and seas, the sound of the wind blowing, of leaves rustling, of insects chirping and birds singing. . . everything in nature is music. And from the dawn of time, it is this natural music that has awakened and sustained human beings’ feeling for music. It has prompted them to express themselves through an instrument or through song, to evoke the important moments of their life, to express their love, their joys and their sorrows. Through music they also convey their mystical aspirations, they sing in praise of the Creator, and when we listen to this music we feel it awakening in our soul the memory of a heavenly homeland, nostalgia for a lost paradise. The effect is immediate. We remember instantly that we come from heaven and that heaven is where we will return. And one day, when higher consciousness has awoken in human beings, when they develop the possibility of subtler perceptions, they will begin to hear the grand symphony sounding through space, since every created being, from the stones to the stars, emits vibrations that spread out as sound waves. And then they will understand just how bad Katy Perry’s music really is.”

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