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And every time they move, and every season, and every weekend, rather than reusing or sharing or gifting or even recycling these items, from the most to least expensive, the largest to the smallest, the least to most biodegradable, most of the vast denizens of North America, in cities, in towns, and in backwaters, along highways and byways, among beaches and swamps, in deserts and wildernesses, in parklands and wetlands, in streets and alleys, corners and crevices, simply leave them out to be discarded, cast into the precipitously rising and spreading landfills now so vast they can easily be seen from outer space taking up large swaths of the whole planet, whose wholes, parts, pieces, and particles are blown hither and thither by the merciful and merciless winds, clogging and infusing the air, waters, and lands, choking, poisoning, and extincting countless wildlife, ending up in oceans as monstrous cesspools of particulates, now also easily observed from space.


Proud species,

spreading their electric grid over

the course of the earth,

even claiming the sky, the water…

Faces of laughter, faces of mirth,

faces of sorrow, faces of woe,

as they skate around and around blindly…

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