Spontaneous (Unsolicited) Praise For FWIW
Over The Past Few Years



Your email newsletter and site look really quite lovely. I keep seeing interesting things I would like to read… Really, it looks much closer to the pulse and spirit of things as I see it than almost anything I am seeing in psychology.

      – Ed Mendelowitz, world’s leading Existential Psychologist,
         author of Ethics And Lao-Tzu


A fine thoughtful free online journal… Enjoyed [the Kerouac piece] a lot. Love the free associative rambling that blends reviewing and biography. Want more.

      – John Guzlowski, award-winning Poet & Author,
         author of Echoes Of Tattered Tongues


Thank you for being so genuine! Your site is full of insights and peeks into the world’s greatest minds. It’s a joy to have encountered you and your corner of the internet.

      – Andreea Popescu, Bucharest


We need more pages like this. It’s simply fresh air.

      – Carol Irizarry, Puerto Rico


I am already hooked!

      – Sharon Douglas, Ireland


Excellent source of inspiration

      – George Otto Morgan Comer, San Diego


Hello, I’m a young writer… I have tried reading today’s literature, it seems so meaningless. I can understand the words, but not the message. There are times when I don’t even feel like I am reading English. However, I have tried reading the literature you post, it’s as simple as the old literature of the 90s. Very eloquent and simple, yet unique.

      – Dua Khan, Pakistan


The content and comments from readers tend to be very insightful and thought provoking. Nourishing the mind ❤️

      – Anna Wagers, San Francisco


You have brought a ray of sunshine and a gift of happiness in this crazy world we are in.

      – Noemi Mestre, USA


Just the kind of place I love to be. A place to exchange ideas, thoughts, musings without judgment.

      – Kathy March, Queens, NYC


The content is worthy of a follow by anyone. I was not a good student in school and stumbled more often than most in life. As a result I feel I have stories to share in spoken and written form. When I get a break from the daily struggle it’s content not dissimilar from yours that I find myself reaching for. Thanks for sharing your gift, friend

      – Saul Martinez, Florida


[Your poem Somewhere A Lost City] reminds me of the marvelous Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities

      – Henry Gough-Cooper, Scotland


[The poem] reminds me of Kafka’s The Castle

      – John Sarkis, Los Angeles


Nice to be here! Love it!

      – Szidonia Szikszai-Olti, Romania


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