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Andrey Zimin, artist, mystic, humanistic polymath, is nearly equally skilled in literature, poetry, philosophy, music, and drawing (personally considering writing and philosophy his strongest mediums). He alternately uses these mediums to plumb the depths of existence as far as they will yield, so as to bring back a dancing star apparent even to the most blinded. His work hearkens back to a time, not so very long ago after all, when people read fervently, felt and longed for art and philosophy deeply, and held works of creation to considerably higher technical and ‘metaphysical’ standards. Will such a time ever return? Maybe if the world gets a whiff of more works by those as reverential of, dedicated to, and pregnant with the aesthetic as Andrey is. He hails from St. Petersburg, Russia, and for the last two decades or so has called the Boston area his home. Improvisation to the Flatlands & The Scattered Sun is an improvised piece on two guitars. Second guitar by Andy N.  

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