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19   The 20 Most Unloyal Dogs


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21   The 17 Most Frizzy-haired War Criminals


22   11 LOL Selfies of Besties at Ristorantes


23   The Top 16 Roads A Man Must Walk Down Before He Remembers He Forgot
Change His Adult Diapers


24   The 13 Most Epic Philosopher and Pop Culture Icon Twitter Mashup



            1. Charlie WittgenSheen

                   The world is comprised of conditions. Each condition is comprised

                   of atomic facts. Fact: I am a Warlock


            2. Paris Schopenhilton

                   Suffering results from the lack of proportion between what we demand &

                   expect & what is obtained. The remedy is found in chihuahuas! They are

                   such fun, cute lil rascals 🙂 ♥


            3. Snookitalo Calvino

                   If on a winter’s night a traveler SHOTS


                   . . . . .


25   The 10 Most Meta Internet Fails


26   The Top 14 Reasons I Have ADHD and Brain Damage


            1. This


                . . . . .


27   This 


* Co-writer: Barry Reardon  

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