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Is our relentless quest for economic growth killing the planet? — New Statesman
Scientific models predict that if humanity doesn’t switch relatively soon to an alternate system of exchange, it is doomed.




Well, probably not the entire human race would go extinct— just most of it. 

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  1. Stacy JC EdwardsNo Gravatar February 19th, 2014 (#)

    Time for people to take action to help solve this problem. Politics as usual will not solve it since you have Congress that is a rubber-stamp system of the wealthy elite and corporations that refuse to modify the system which they benefit directly from. Saving the planet requires forceful and firm action by voters and active people who do not take no for an answer.


  2. ForWhatItsWorthNo Gravatar February 24th, 2014 (#)

    Yes, definitely. But as of right now, the situation is more or less summed up by this quote: “We are in a giant car headed for a brick wall at 100mph and everyone is fighting about where they want to sit.”

    It’s not clear how the problem will be dealt with most effectively, but the majority need to acknowledge that it *is* a problem- that indeed the capitalist-consumerist system is not sustainable and is exponentially self-destructive- before considerable measures will be taken, and right now this isn’t the case. The question is how to alleviate myopia and infinitesimal bickering and actually bring to light that this is indeed the case.


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