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(1) For What It’s Worth is the literary site of Jason Bentsman, featuring quality writings and media by him and notable Contributors


(2) FWIW‘s purpose is at once to showcase some of the author’s works, and to provide readers with entertaining, illuminating, edifying writings and other media by gifted Contributors, poetry, philosophy, psychology, humor, dreams, and occasionally interviews, rare songs, videos, articles, culture jamming, and other items of the literary, philosophical, and artistic persuasions . . . A mélange of the lofty and the slapstick, it is especially fitting for those who relish variety, and probably has a little something for almost anyone. 


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The site features up to a few new pieces each week. It also has associated Facebook and other social media pages where I, and occasionally a few choice contributors, post something worthwhile (illuminating, informative, poetic, comic, tragic, usefully irreverent, captivatingly absurd) sporadically, whenever the mood strikes. . . You never know what you’re going to get, but if I’m doing things right, whatever it is should ultimately enrich rather than detract from your life. You can follow these posts here:


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(3) Submissions FWIW currently publishes a few or more pieces of writing or other media by Contributors every month, which appear in the Writings & Works of Others section. Right now these are by talented writer and artist friends and acquaintances. In the future, I will probably open up the section to submissions. If you wish to submit, for the time being, please do so through our affiliate The Journal of Universal Rejection (which, let’s be honest, is how most contemporary literary publications will treat your submission anyway).


(4) More (Original Manifest) Hello. My name is Jason Bentsman. I’m a writer of prose, poetry, and philosophy. I will be using this space to publish memorable miscellaneous writings, with an emphasis on works that wouldn’t necessarily see the light of day— either because they don’t fit neatly into any category; are personal, such as pieces from journals and correspondences; or stand little chance of being published in the current zeitgeist— as well as any other subject matter that captures my imagination. Please note that some of the entries, while making their public debut, are not necessarily ‘new,’ having been culled from former writings. I will also be publishing parts or the entirety of select longer works in progress. And, as explained above, the site will also regularly publish high quality writings and other media by Contributors. Herein I hope you will find sincerity, truthful lies, enjoyment, edification— and maybe even a glimpse of the ineffable.


(5) The nearest dry cleaner is here: 


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